Your local SBA lending team

Here at Gulf Coast Bank, we invite our customers to build lasting relationships with us. We take pride in getting to know our customers as well as their businesses so we can better understand and service their needs.

With more than 40 years of experience in SBA lending, the Gulf Coast Bank team has the knowledge and tools to best serve you.

Let our team help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

For more information contact our Call Center: 337-893-7733 or contact our SBA lenders directly: 


Carey Chopin | Louisiana SBA Lending Officer

Carey Chopin
Direct: 337-385-2775

“The fact that Gulf Coast Bank, through its efforts as a preferred SBA lender, can help business owners realize their hopes and dreams is inspiring to me.”
Chris Bourque | Louisiana SBA Lending Officer

Chris Bourque
Direct: 337-892-3157

“I enjoy SBA lending because it gives every entrepreneur a chance to succeed. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of this country.”
Greg Harrington | Louisiana SBA Lending Officer

Greg Harrington
Direct: 337-892-3128

“I like being able to help businesses grow. SBA loans give us the opportunity to assist new businesses, and those that need a little extra help.”
Jason Patout | Louisiana SBA Lending Officer

Jason Patout
Direct: 337-892-3112

“My favorite part of my job is helping people’s dreams come true. Whether it is helping someone start a business, expand their existing business, buy a house, or save for retirement, there is nothing more satisfying than helping them achieve their life-long goals.”

Cody Thayer | Louisiana SBA Lending Officer

Cody Thayer
Direct: 337-892-3116

“My favorite part about SBA lending is seeing the reaction of my customer when they realize that their dream is becoming a reality.”
Chris Dardeau | Louisiana SBA Lending Officer

Chris Dardeau
Direct: 337-892-3130

“As an SBA lender, I am able to meet with individuals who possess innovation skills such as imagination, problem solving, critical thinking and so much more.”